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Treasure Beach Detectors is an informational site designed for Beach and Shallow Water Treasure Hunters, Metal Detectorists and anyone that is interested in beach and shallow water treasure hunting! This site is going to give you all the information you need to get started and be successful at beach and shallow water treasure hunting. There is going to be tips and videos from professionals who do this for a living all the way to experienced YouTubers who do it as a hobby.  We'll also share the locations of actual Detecting Spots or Locations known for their legends and shipwrecks. (Yes you read that correctly … Detecting Spots... we will put you on to where the hot spots are located.) 

This site will also have the best metal detector reviews for beach and shallow water metal detecting and accessories that you will need to be successful. There will also be a link for purchasing these items at discounted prices! New Reviews, Products, Videos, Legends and Detecting Spots will be updated continuously, so make sure you subscribe to get the latest and greatest information!  

Treasure Beach Detectors is owned by everyone’s favorite Authorized and Certified Metal Detector and Treasure Hunting Supply Dealer,  Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors! Please feel free to contact the owner Master Treasure Hunter Ed Huffman if you have any questions about equipment or hot spots to treasure hunt!

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