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Here at Treasure Mountain Detectors we get a lot of our friends and customers sending us videos to check out! Below you will find some of my personal videos, interviewing legendary Treasure Hunters as well as some of my favorite YouTubers videos that metal detect the beaches and shallow waters! Be sure to check all of them out and please subscribe to their channels to see the rest of their videos and upcoming videos!

Videos are very informational and can teach you a lot! The next time you go out detecting you might think of what someone said or something that they did in a video you watched and implement it into your detecting skills and that can be the difference of you making a great find or going home empty handed! Don’t forget to subscribe to this site too because new videos will be coming soon!

I started metal detecting in August 2015 and I've not looked back! I'm so excited every time I hear the little "beep". This channel shows all my excursions. Enjoy!  Visit Their Youtube Channel

The ocean is a big part of my life and I feel right at home when I'm hookah diving on the ocean floor for lost treasures. If you like treasure and wildlife then stay tuned and join me on our next adventure. Visit Their Youtube Channel

Treasure hunting & Scuba Diving are 2 of my favorite hobbies. It was nice to put both of them together & do Scuba Diving Treasure Hunts. I just love the adrenal rush I get when I find something really nice! Visit Their Youtube Channel

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