Completely Waterproof Detectors

These metal detectors are completely waterproof, and they are true multifrequency metal detectors that that will get you the best performance in wet salt sand and saltwater!

minelab ctx 3030

Features & Pricing

Multi-frequency at its best ~ CTX 3030 operates on an FBS 2 Technology which is multi-frequency and operates on 28 different frequencies ranging from 1.5khz to 100khz! The CTX 3030 also has a feature called Smart Find 2 which analyzes the targets Ferrous and Conductive properties on a full color LCD screen! What this means is it’s going to give you the most information about what is in the ground before you dig it than any other detector on the market!

minelab equinox800

Features & Pricing

Multi-IQ which is the newest multi frequency technology from Minelab! You have the ability to choose between different set frequencies or run a true multifrequency! Recovery and target separation is phenomenal on this machine…super-fast! This means when you’re in those areas that are iron infested or extremely trashy you will find stuff that other detectors will not have the ability to see due to the masking! This detector is supposed to be deep too… definitely a detector to keep your eye on since it is new on the market!

minelab excalibur2

Features & Pricing

A VLF Type of detector ~ A little different from your normal type of VLF detector that operates on 1 or 2 frequencies and has a lot of discrimination options. The Excalibur II operates on BBS Technology which is multi-frequency and operates on 17 different frequencies ranging from 1.5khz to 25.5khz! You can also get this metal detector customized to interchange search coils with a waterproof connector. The Excalibur II is a serious beach machine whether you’re in dry sand, wet salt sand or 200ft deep in the ocean!

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