Waterproof Pulse Induction Detectors

These metal detectors are completely waterproof, and they DO NOT discriminate out unwanted trash. This means that these metal detectors have minimal to no discrimination and you will basically dig everything! Now… these metal detectors are VERY EFFECTIVE and will detect EXTREMELY DEEP Targets! I highly recommend these metal detectors for areas that are in the water or areas that may contain artifacts from ancient shipwrecks!

whites surfmaster

Features & Pricing

Designed for difficult beach grounds, the Surfmaster Dual Field combines turn-on-and-go ease with the extreme depth and sensitivity of pulse induction detection – especially in salt water and mineralized ground. This detector is surf-ready and completely waterproof to a depth of 100 feet. Its 12” dual-field search coil has near neutral buoyancy, so it won’t push away from the water or try to sink. 

garrett atx

Features & Pricing

The Garrett ATX is the ultimate multi-frequency detector for all terrains and extreme conditions (highly mineralized ground, saltwater, etc.). It features advanced pulse induction technology, a durable design that meets military specifications, and a new DD coil design for extreme and uniform sensitivity.

garrett seahunter

Features & Pricing

Microprocessor Controlled, Pulse Induction - Operating System - Automatic Cancellation of Salt and Ground Minerals - Frequency 750 Pulsation Per Second (PPS) - Submersible to 200 Feet (65 Meters) - Full Range Discrimination - Audio Target Alert Indicaiton - Submersible Underwater Headphones

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