Artifacts that have been found here are emerald teardrop, 3 carat ruby stone, gold finger ring with amethyst, gold rings, gold earrings, gold brooches, gold flower ornament holders, gold hat pin, gold hair piece, gold crucifixes, gold cuff, gold pendants, gold wire pieces, gold grooming spoon and a silver candelabra.

  • Historical Era: 1715 Spanish Plate Fleet
  • Ship Size: 713 tons and carrying 72 Iron Cannons
  • Location: Florida's East Coast
  • Google Earth GPS Coordinates: 27 38.300N 80 20.900W

Ship's Manifest:

For the King:

  • 46,095 pesos, 6 reales, 10 maravedis in gold doubloons
  • 309 castellanos, 7 tomines, 6 grains of gold dust
  • 646 castellanos in two gold bars (small bars)

For private persons:

  • 19 gold bars and some doubloons valued at 26,063 pesos
  • 2,650 pesos in gold doubloons
  • 1,485 in silver reales
  • 3 gold chains valued at 747 pesos
  • 47 serones of cocoa
  • 1 ½ tons of Brazilwood

As noted above about the ship’s manifests… remember even though this ship did not have an extremely substantial number of items documented on the manifest this was one of the largest ships in the fleet. This ship also picked up numerous passengers in Cartagena that were very wealthy. These passengers would have been carrying their personal wealth back to Spain!

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